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This One's About Music

(Reposting from my Xanga, just because!)
Ashley and I went to the Reba & Kelly concert last night. It was insanely fun! I got to sing along to "Fancy", y'all, "Fancy"!

Study Playlist of the Semester (So Far):

Some vibey, spacey, randomness!

1. "Obstacles" Syd Matters

2. "Photograph" Air

3. "Never An Easy Way" Morcheeba

4. "Hounds of Love" Kate Bush (Though I was debating whether to put this or her "Cloudbusting" on my list.)

5. "If You Want Me" Glen Hansard and Margeta Irglova (Here's hoping Once wins an Oscar for Best Original Song!)

6. "Someone Great" LCD Soundsystem

7. "I Wonder" Kayne West

8. "Lullaby" The Cure (The most random of all songs that I love.)

9. "Window to Your Soul" Delerium

9. "Tranquilize" The Killers & Lou Reed (Just because, didn't we have to end on a  bitter/rockin' note?)