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Whoo hoo! I'm finally posting in my Live Journal. (As if I need another excuse to spend all my time on the internets!)

I'm really digging the summer vacation so far. I'm only working a small portion of my week at the Library, because I promised myself I'd spend my last summer of 'childish' freedom in style.

[However,I keep having nightmares about failing the GRE and not graduating from college and then not getting into the right Graduate School, which makes up for my general laidback-ness, for sure.]

In between the Future freakouts, I'm enjoying all the wonderful amenities of life: music, television, and books! I'm currently reading Joan Didion's "A Book of Common Prayer" and that "Coffee at Luke's" book. I also finished watching season 4 of The OC [which was mindblowingly awesome!], so now I'm now looking for the next great TV series to watch (in between Gilmore Girls and Felicity rewatches, of course.)

Also, random confession: last night, my sister and I watched From Justin to Kelly because I hadn't seen the cinematic monstrosity and I wanted to get my snark on. We had so much fun! Hee!

Ok, so this entry's kind of hap-dash and free-form, but I hope to actually make sense at some point. Over and out!

Date: 2007-07-08 02:54 pm (UTC)
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Happy Birthday, Rach!!!


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